Conversamos con Irina, una de nuestras educadoras, sobre Little Grey Playschool

We would like to start introducing Grey Elephant’s team by presenting Irina, one of our teachers, with this quick interview:

You come from Holland. What do you think our Playschool shares with those in your country?

The fact that Grey Elephant is a playschool is very unique. It’s not really a school, but rather a place where we all come together to help each other grow. (They still help me, too!) I think the nurseries in The Netherlands are very well organised but they could definitely incorporate more play as a natural way to develop and less hanging on to test results.

Why do you think our pedagogy based on chidren’s rights and their access to play as a way of promoting natural growth brings more quality of life to children?

Play is very important for children. It allows them to create a vision of how the world works on their level. They start observing it sooner than you think and before you know it they copy your behaviour (and language!) It’s the most natural way to learn.

What would you say to families that are considering bringing their kids to our playschool?

If you want to give your child a solid foundation in life based on children’s rights, which includes lots of play, singing, music, arts and crafts, moral values, laughter and lots more, Grey Elephant is your home.

One last question: what was your favourite toy when you were a little girl?

I have four brothers so I spent my childhood days on end climbing trees, playing hide and seek, and building forts. But I also had a Doctor Barbie which was my favourite because of the stethoscope that made noise…

Sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you Irina!




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